Data Recovery Costs ✔️ Prices - Hard Drive, RAID, SSD Recovery - RecoveryLab (2023)

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Data Recovery Costs ✔️ Prices - Hard Drive, RAID, SSD Recovery - RecoveryLab (1)

In order to determine the effort and price of data recovery in your case, we carry out a damage diagnosis at the beginning.

We don't hide feesin the form offree services, which are then requested several times by the customer in the further course of an order.

Any costs incurred are always communicated by us, so that you are always informed. Our claim as a provider of a data recovery laboratory is, in addition to high quality, cost transparency.

With every error, every damage and every system, you benefit from ourExperience,Expertiseandfree consultationand a firstassessment of the chances of success. You will receive one before you place an orderFault diagnosis and fixed price offer.

Data recovery costs vs. benefits - quality, price and performance ratio

  • 8 Reverse Engineers with their own specializations for each type of damage
  • own development department (currently 4 dedicated employees)
  • own warehouse for spare parts with more than 100,000 storage units
  • Clean room laboratory (clean room workstations)
  • Individual analysis of each damage in the laboratory, precise estimates for RAID/Storage
  • Company headquarters in Germany, owner-managed, cooperation with many IT organizations and manufacturers
  • Contract for work (other rights for client + quality guarantee = 95%)
  • Data protection and confidentiality at the highest level (own DS officer + DS coordinator in the company)

Good to know: performance comparison with competitors

  • Many companies only have 1-2 employees (often only 1 technician) (limited experience & know-how)
  • often hardly any capacity for development, often dependent on external manufacturer support for recovery tools
  • Spare parts for defective storage media (so-called donor disks) often have to be procured (possibly even by the customer).
  • Flat-rate analyzes with later corrections possible (fixed prices in advance, which then change)
  • Often companies not registered in Germany or 100% shareholders from abroad
  • Quality often not regulated by service contract, no guarantee
  • Success insufficiently regulated, sometimes already successful with only 60-80% of the data
  • Data protection / GDPR often inadequately regulated (often no data protection officer appointed)

Lars Mueller|Technical Manager

0800 / 937 88 36

Data Recovery Costs ✔️ Prices - Hard Drive, RAID, SSD Recovery - RecoveryLab (3)

We offer you at Recoverylab

  • Own clean room laboratory & spare parts warehouse
  • 95% data recovery guarantee
  • Quality assurance according to ISO 9001:2015
  • Discretion & data protection according to DSGVO
  • Contact person

Request data recovery

Cost overview / price list for data recovery costs

Price overview of the most important services, prices for analysis and data recovery - please inquire individually about special data carriers / systems.

collectionof the storage mediumfree of charge
Analysis costs / diagnosis costs per standard data carrierand cost estimate
(Processing time approx. 3-5 working days) You will receive a binding fixed-price offer
ab 69,-- €
Second opinion (second analysis laboratory technician, if analysis is available from another data rescuer)
(Processing time approx. 3-5 working days) You will receive an investigation report with a fixed price offer
free of charge
Optional: File list of all recovered files and folders from the file systemfree of charge
Copy of the rescued data on another target medium (as a backup / for later data backup)free of charge
Packaging and DHL/UPS national shipping(return / return of target data medium)
(Duration approx. 1-2 working days)
10,-- €
24h-Express-Analysefor emergencies (processing time 24 hours/ sometimes faster)
You will receive a binding fixed price offer at the time of the result of the error diagnosis
upon request
data recoveryin the case of logical errors(corruption of the file system)ab 99,-- €
data recoveryin case of electronic defects(e.g. microcode faulty)ab 249,-- €
Data Recoveryin case of mechanical defects(e.g. read/write head damaged)ab 299,-- €
Data Recoveryof SSD storageab 349,-- €
Data Recoveryfrom defective USB memory sticksab 149,-- €

If you have any questions, you can call us at any time without obligation:0800 / 937 88 36

All prices quoted are for consumers including the currently applicable VAT. For companies, the prices are given plus sales tax.

The cost is forThe standard party platecalculated. This includes 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch hard disks with S-ATA, SAS, P-ATA (IDE) interface as well as common storage media such as USB sticks, SSD hard drives, memory cards, mobile phones and tablet computers.

For different data carriers, e.g.RAID systems, NAS, tapes, tape drivesor special, rare data carrier types with unknown factors, we would be happy to make you a separate offer. The specified costs for data recovery are "from prices". Depending on the type of damage and the type of data carrier, the data recovery costs determined as part of the analysis may differ from these prices. They only serve as an initial orientation. We would be happy to advise you over the phone on possible costs, provided that we have further details about your data loss.

Calculation & Pricing

Our calculations are based on the individual damage, our know-how and the running costs in the company.

This is how our prices for data recovery are made up. The enormous effort involved in complex data recovery is often not immediately apparent to clients. We would like to improve this by visualizing the calculation.

  • 40% working time(Human resources for manual work steps, automated processes are not charged.
  • 13% work equipment(Costs for tools, laboratory equipment, clean room technology, rework stations, measuring devices, etc.)
  • 10% spare parts(average value of the parts required for repair, especially in the case of mechanical hard disk problems)
  • 25% development(Proactive in-house development of technologies, software development, adjustments per order)
  • 12% other costs(Logistics, warehousing, marketing, administration, yield)
  • 100% fixed price offer(Individual offer for data recovery)

Questions about prices?

Now: Request price for data recovery!

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    Data Recovery Costs ✔️ Prices - Hard Drive, RAID, SSD Recovery - RecoveryLab (5)

    TÜV-certified customer satisfaction

    Data Recovery Costs ✔️ Prices - Hard Drive, RAID, SSD Recovery - RecoveryLab (6)

    We know how confusing internet ratings & reviews can be these days. That's why we were able to gain an independent certification partner in TüV Saar, who actively asked our customers about their satisfaction.

    • TÜV Saar certified customer satisfaction (status: 2022)

    References & Case Studies

    Data Recovery Costs ✔️ Prices - Hard Drive, RAID, SSD Recovery - RecoveryLab (7)

    Our customers appreciate ourhigh quality and transparency. Read here:customer opinionsas well as case studiesto performed data recovery.

    over 25 years of experience

    We always strive to achieve the best possible result for you, our customer. In many cases we succeed. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are hardly unfamiliar with any data problem.

    In order to make data recovery jobs that have already been carried out even clearer, we have compiled various case studies and experiences with individual recovery topics.

    Discounts/ Perks

    We offer a discount on our costs for students, non-profit associations and start-ups.

    If you have any questions about our service or our prices, please call us at any time.

    We offer our customers a discount on our data recovery services under certain conditions. Before placing an order, please let us know that you meet one of the following requirements so that we can make you a discounted offer.

    Students/ Pupils: 10% discount
    (Student ID card / student ID card or certificate of enrollment required)

    non-profit associations:10% discount
    (Non-profit certificate required)

    entrepreneur:10% discount
    (Companies with a business registration within the last 12 months)

    0800 / 937 88 36Request data recovery now!

    Very good

    4.9von5in255 customer opinionsData Recovery Costs ✔️ Prices - Hard Drive, RAID, SSD Recovery - RecoveryLab (8)

    For data protection reasons, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the data (duty to provide information for ratings).

    Data Recovery Costs ✔️ Prices - Hard Drive, RAID, SSD Recovery - RecoveryLab (9)

    Questions and Answers on: Data Recovery Prices

    How expensive is data recovery from a hard drive on average?

    There is a price range. The cost per data recovery varies by hard drive. The reason is different factors in each order that affect it. It is crucial whether it is an external USB hard drive or an internal, possibly fast-spinning server hard drive. Furthermore, the memory size, i.e. also the internal number of disks and read/write heads (two per magnetic disk) and the damage itself are decisive for the calculation of the effort.

    AExamplewith effort-related costs for a mechanically damaged HDD:
    WD Elements external hard drive, 1TB (Hard drive is not recognized)
    Error report: a read/write head is defective, work under clean room conditions is required. Restoration of the data structure on the target disk with a good chance of success.
    Cost of restoration including material costs: € 817.53 (€ 687.00 net excl. 19% VAT)

    Our prices given here are target prices. With the analysis report you will receive our cost estimate with a fixed price offer for data recovery.

    The data rescue effort depends on the damage that is determined in the diagnosis. There are many hours of rescue effort between electronic damage and encryption, which can be seen in different ways.

    How exactly can you estimate the cost of a RAID data recovery over the phone?

    We cannot know in advance whether data can be recovered from a RAID. An estimate depends on the accuracy of the information you can give us about the RAID data loss.
    If, for example, the log files of the RAID controller (or the operating system) and all information about the data carriers (manufacturer, model, firmware version) as well as the detailed damage history (chronological) are known, we can already make an approximate estimate of the damage based on our experience Submit costs for RAID data recovery.

    A quick and professional data carrier analysis is particularly useful for RAIDs. This makes it possible to make a sensible decision in terms of the company data within hours after the analysis result and knowledge of the data rescue costs and rescue chances.

    Do you offer special recovery conditions or discounts on data recovery for multiple hard drives?

    Yes, that is possible. We offer special conditions for orders with data carriers of the same construction and similar damage. Especially if there is a development effort for us, these costs can be spread over several data carriers. This saves us costs and we are happy to pass these savings on to you.

    With different data carriers, e.g. hard drives from different manufacturers and types, it is often possible to offer a "volume discount". Large companies, for example, use special conditions for data recovery with a minimum annual purchase within framework agreements with us.

    I read that I can also pay for the rescue with bitcoin, is that correct?

    Yes, in addition to normal bank transfer, cash payment and payment by EC card, we also accept online payment methods such as PayPal, instant transfer and Bitcoin.

    When processing using BTC, you will receive a payment address with the invoice. However, the Bitcoin transaction must take place within 24 hours due to the high volatility.

    Does data recovery cost more if the hard drive is already open?

    If a hard disk is opened improperly, i.e. outside of a clean room, it can be assumed that the data is either no longer recoverable or that the effort is significantly higher. In detail, we take a close look at the condition of the hard drive in the diagnosis and can then give you better information about any consequential damage.

    I have multiple data recovery quotes, what justifies the price difference in data recovery costs?

    Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question, since an offer for data recovery always corresponds to the damage and data carrier in question. Every company calculates its costs on a different basis.

    However, when comparing different offers, attention must be paid to the necessary qualifications and experience of the respective company. It is also important to know whether the data rescuer has his own means and tools (hardware and software), a clean room laboratory and, if necessary, his own development department.

    Always keep in mind that you bear the risk for your data carriers. If a data rescue attempt fails due to a lack of competence, the only and last chance for consistent data is lost in many cases.

    What damages and memory types can you help with?

    Our data recovery service includes recovery services for all types of storage hardware, including hard drives, DVD, SD / microSD memory cards, SSD, NAS.

    A rescue order is possible in the case of physical, electronic or logical damage with defective sectors, deleted files or generally no access to drives. We are familiar with all possible causes such as overvoltage with short-circuit damage, failure of RAID hard drives due to system damage, fall damage, motor damage, bearing damage and water damage.

    In the case of logical damage, the file system (often NTFS / FAT 32) is decisive for the data recovery effort. Most cases were operated with the Windows operating system. However, other operating systems such as MacOS or Linux can also be used as the computer system. Editing is possible for almost every error message and many problems.

    Is it a problem if the electronics of the storage medium have already been replaced?

    Electronics boards (PCB) should generally not be exchanged without precise knowledge. We know of many examples where areas on the hard disk (e.g. the firmware) were irrevocably overwritten by a "Do it yourself repair". If there is also an odor, a component has probably been burnt or damaged.

    In this respect, it is above all a higher effort for the data recovery company, which ultimately has an effect on the follow-up costs for restoring the company data.

    Do you also offer software for data recovery after formatting?

    No, we are not a software provider or software manufacturer. There are innumerable software tools to recover files from deleted, formatted or other logical errors. However, care should be taken that the original storage media is never accessed for writing. Any data access to the partition or individual sectors can have fatal consequences due to further damage. Data recovery programs are well suited for privately deleted files that can possibly be retrieved in other ways. Even if the preview already shows a complete list of files, it often happens that files from a damaged or formatted partition are unreadable.

    Can I use my own target disk that already exists?

    Very much. Please send us your target data medium already for analysis or afterwards if you like, with the identification of the order number on the package. If you wish, you can receive the defective drive together with your rescued data when you return it.

    Can I check the recovered data before payment?

    Of course that is possible. You have the choice of checking the result of the data reconstruction personally at our site, in a remote appointment or through a file list.

    Payment Methods

    Optimized processes for the fastest and most secure payment processing

    We accept the following payment methods/ means of payment

    • Transfer
    • Instant bank transfer
    • PayPal (plus 2% fee/ if paying from Switzerland 5.5%)
    • Cash payment on site
    • Payment by EC card (in Hamburg/ Leipzig)
    • Payment with Bitcoin (at the current daily exchange rate)
    Data Recovery Costs ✔️ Prices - Hard Drive, RAID, SSD Recovery - RecoveryLab (10)

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