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Summary:Having trouble running System Restore? There are several reasons that can lead to system restore errors. This post will show you how to solve the problem that system restore not working in Windows 10.


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System Restore is a primary Windows recovery utility that creates "restore points" when enabled. Whenever you have a problem with your system, you can use the restore point to bring the system files, program files, registry, etc. back to a previous working state.

However, system restore may fail and generate error messages. This Windows 10 recovery program can stop working due to various reasons. Here we discuss the main reasons behind the system restore not working issue and the solutions to fix the problem.

Why is system restore no longer working?

Windows System Restore performs several functions smoothly. Nonetheless, there are times when you may encounter difficulties while using this utility. In some cases it is even not possible to create or restore restore points. Here are some common reasons for Windows System Restore stopped working issue.

1. Software Incompatibility

If a software, program or application such as A third-party anti-malware program, gaming software, etc. is not compatible with your PC, and you may experience problems when you try to run System Restore. Even if you try to create a restore point, it can become corrupted, leaving you unable to reset the system.

2. Insufficient disk space for system restore

There is a chance that the "Maximum Usage" setting in System Protection is set to "Small" to store more restore points. If there are multiple restore points and there is not enough disk space to store more, you may have a problem running System Restore.

3. Faulty drivers and startup scripts

Sometimes faulty device drivers and corrupt startup scripts can cause system restore problems. Incorrect or outdated device drivers can even cause various system errors like the following:

  • Defective hardware Damaged side
  • Code 19 error

Common system restore error messages

There are some common system restore errors that can occur:

  • System restore did not complete successfully. An unspecified error occurred during system restore. (0x80070002)
  • System restore failed while restoring directory from restore point. An unspecified error occurred during system restore. (0x80070005)
  • Error 0x800423F3: The burner has encountered a transient error. If the backup operation is tried again, the error may not appear again.
  • System Restore does not work: The file or directory is corrupt and cannot be read. (0x80070570)
  • Error 0x80070091: System Restore could not extract the original copy of the directory from the restore point.
  • Error 0x80042306: The shadow copy provider encountered an error. Check the system and application event logs for more information.

How to fix system restore not working in Windows 10?

Here are some best practices for resolving System Restore issues:

Solution 1: Reset System Restore Storage Setting

Try increasing the Maximum Usage setting in the System Protection window to increase storage space for more restore points. You can also manually remove unnecessary restore points to increase storage space.

A. Increase the maximum utilization setting

To increase the maximum usage setting, follow these steps:

  • Type in the Windows search box“Create restore point”one and open thesystem properties.
  • Navigate to the tabsystem protectionand clickConfigure.
  • Now select “turn on system protection”.
  • Then drag theSlider for maximum usageto increase disk space and clickOK.
  • After that, close the window and check if the problem is solved.

B. Delete old system restore points

To delete old system restore points, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Windows search box in Windows 10 and typeDisk Cleanupto open it.
  • The driveC: willselected by default. click onOK, to continue.
  • The utility will start searching for free disk space for cleaning.
  • Now if you click the tabMore optionssee, open them.
  • Then click onClean up...underSystem Restore and Shadow Copies.
  • click onExtinguish, to continue.
  • The utility will delete all old restore points.
  • If you don't see the "More Options" option, you can click "Clean up system files” click.This also helps you save disk space on your system to store more restore points.
  • Finally, reboot your system and check if System Restore is working now.

Solution 2: Rollback to a different restore point

If you cannot restore your system from a specific restore point, it may be corrupt. Try choosing a different restore point. Sometimes you need to choose two restore points to restore the system and fix the problem. To do this, follow the given steps:

  • Type in the Windows search boxfor rstrua.The window ofsystem recoverywill be opened.
  • click onFurther, to continue.
  • Now select the point before the last restore point and clickFurther.
  • click onComplete, to complete the process.
  • Now reboot your system and check if the system restore not working issue is resolved.

Solution 3: Run System Restore in Safe Mode without Networkandreset repository

If the hardware drivers or startup scripts are the culprits, you canStart your PC in safe mode without networkand run system restore. Now follow the given steps:

  • Run Command Prompt as Administrator, and then in the expanded Command Prompt window, typenet stop winmgmtone and press theEnter key.
  • GiveYto confirm the action and continue.
Easy Ways to Fix "System Restore Not Working on Windows 10" | Stellar (1)
  • Enter afterwardswinmgmt /resetRepositoryone and press theEnter key.
Easy Ways to Fix "System Restore Not Working on Windows 10" | Stellar (2)
  • After that, reboot your system and see if you can create a system restore point and backup the registry.

Solution 4: Reset Windows 10

You can choose to reset your Windows system. This usually fixes the problems with the system files and Windows OS. You can choose to remove or keep your files when you reset the system.

Note: ItIt is recommended to remove everything to allow this utility to work efficiently to fix system restore not working error in Windows 10. Therefore, if possible, create a backup of your system data. Otherwise, you can use aprofessional data recovery softwarerestore.

To reset your system, follow the given steps:

  • Open theIdeasby pressingWindows + Iand go toUpdates & Security.
  • Then go toRestorationand clickFirst stepsthat underReset this PCbe mentioned.
  • At the next prompt, select the optionRemove all.
  • Next you will see two options: “Just remove your files”and "Remove all files”. You can also click “Change settings” click.
  • If you onChange settingsclick, you must betweendata erasureanddata driveschoose.
  • Please make a choichedata drivesto make the process efficient and clickConfirm.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions (if any) to complete the process. Then restart your system.

Solution 5: Reinstall Windows 10

If resetting Windows doesn't help, your only option is to reinstall Windows 10. To do this, you need a USB installation media created with the Windows Media Creation Tool. Remember that when you reinstall Windows 10, the data of the partition where the operating system is installed will be overwritten. So, either create a backup of your system data before doing this method or restore the data using Windows data recovery software. Once you have recovered your data, you can proceed to reinstall Windows without any further concerns.


A. How can I create a system restore point in Windows 11?

Creating a restore point does not take much time. But first, you need to enable the System Restore feature and then create the restore point in Windows 11.

B. Why does my system restore keep failing?

System restore usually fails due to incompatible or corrupted software/programs installed on your system. Other reasons can be malware attacks and applications offering some kind of background services.

C. How to recover lost files after system restore in Windows 11?

There are two scenarios where you can recover lost data after a system restore - when the backup is available and when the backup is not available. You can recover lost files after system restore by:

  • Restore files from backup drive
  • Windows File Recovery Tool verwenden
  • Use data recovery software

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